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Loyalty management

We all love our customers because they create us. Always try to stay interesting and accessible. Therefore, it is necessary to have all the tools that help build loyal and long-term relationships with customers and partners.

Reliability and support

The most important quality from view of customers and partners is reliability. Open and honest communication, the fair cost of the service, the ability to quickly solve a problem or fix a mistake, qualified support for the project and its users 24/7 are key indicators of reliability.

Digital production

We live in a world where the “future begins today” every day. Technological capabilities are expanding every year and growing faster than markets. The ability to find the use of modern technological solutions brings enormous benefits to the business.

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Kitchen of your dreams

512.digital is the digital agency with a full range of services from strategy development to ensuring long-term evolution of B2B or B2C projects. Thanks to a combination of creativity, technology and the best choice of solutions to achieve the goals, we create additional brands value.

Who we are

We are the team of specialists that was born in 2004, when we moved from company to company, we gained experience and were replenished with the best minds. In the beginning, we developed only WEB sites and Flash animations. And over time, we gained a lot of skills and become competent in many ways.

Were in our careers

The team consists of professionals with a minimum experience of 6 years. Until 2016, team members worked with clients: British American Tobacco, Japan Tobacco International, Henkel, Nutricia, AB InBev, Kimberly Clark, Acino Pharm, Bank Credit Agricole, and many others.

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