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Consumer Activity

Motivation and keep proactive for each of your Customers. The best solutions for any businesses.

● Promo Campaigns
● Instant Win & Draws
● Collect and get
● Codes or Receipts mechanics
● Consumer Support

… more scenarios


The full range of E-shop features in one simple and usual format. For shops of any scope.

● E-catalogs & search options
● Order & Delivery Forms
● Support

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Staff motivation

Chatbot keep employees proactive and keep up to date with the important events and activations.

● Gamification
● Learning and Reports
● Testing and Polls
● Notifications and Involve

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All Chatbots are supported

Supports modern options, which greatly expand the capabilities of the Chatbots.

  QR Codes Recognition
  Payment Methods

Supported by all most popular messengers:

All Chatbots are included

Full package of the necessary functionality and options included in the service and support.

   Control Panel
  Reporting System in Realtime
  Virtual Server or Virtual Host
  Domain and SSL
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Trade Motivation Program

Unlimited possibilities for interactions and foster relationships with staff in the retail outlets and sales networks.

● Program and Audit Mechanics
● Sampling Control
● Bonus processing
● Mystery shopper
● Trade Outlets Audit
● Report System in realtime

… more scenarios


The features for equipment inventory, vending machines, promotional stands, and much more. The agent only needs a smartphone.

● QR-codes and Serialization
● Geotargeting
● Facilities and Device Condition Reports

… more scenarios

Consumer Support

Use the usual messenger is the simples and fastest for your Clients. The quick response will satisfy your Customer.

● Chats Operator or Moderation
● Income Reports or Tickets
● Consulting

… more scenarios

Additional Services


Strategic planning, risk assessment and expert assistance.


Creative concepts, communication mechanics, online and offline.

Consumer Care

Consumer/User support, technical support, data security.


Companies that use Chatbots in their business.




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